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Why form a Chapter?

There are many things that can be accomplished on a local level much more effectively. Local chapters serve as a venue for members to get together, exchange views and attend social activities. Local chapters can regularly interact in a local community to provide programs or activities that directly impact the local area. And, most importantly, a local organization is aware of and sensitive to the needs that are unique to every community. For these reasons, the creation of a local chapter would make sense and provide value to the Air Defense Artillery community.



Getting Started

Creating a chapter is not a difficult process, but it is a process which requires commitment. It requires Air Defenders who agree with the ADAA's mission and wish to take a proactive role accomplishing the mission. Without this commitment an effective chapter cannot exist.


Steps in getting started

1. Formal Endorsement:


-Contact the national association. Inform the Executive Director that you are interested in forming a local chapter of the ADAA. The ADAA will review the petition and respond appropriately.

Get two or three people who share your enthusiasm and goals to assist you in the creation of the local chapter. These members may be the founding officers of the new chapter.

Contact local ADAA members. This can be done by telephone or by mail, however, the Association recommends that you first identify individuals or members you already know. Contact them and ask them to participate in the formation of the new chapter.

The initial goals of the chapter.

What do you want to accomplish for your first year? Develop your MISSION statement.

Set-up a system for record keeping and accounting.

At a minimum you will need to track:

Member contact information

Dues received and owed


2. By-laws:


-Establish By-laws that mirror those of the ADAA. These documents must undergo legal review, i.e. be consistent with the laws on non-profit private organizations. After these By-laws have undergone legal review a copy will need to be provided to the National ADAA (Ft. Sill) and will remain on file.

A sample set of local chapter by-laws is available for guidance


3. Tax ID:


-Each Chapter is required to obtain an independent Tax ID# through the Internal Revenue Service.


4. Dues:


-Chapters will provide an Annual donation to support ADAA activities. Currently the donation request is 10% of revenues. Chapters will be informed of any changes/updates.

A chapter is not designed to make money, but you will need funds for organizing, events, meeting expenses and so forth. The Association will have guidelines for you to consider.


5. Membership:


-Chapters are free to establish separate memberships with chapter specific criteria as long as those criteria are in keeping with the goals and objectives of the ADAA. All chapter memberships must have an ADAA membership as a pre-requisite.


6. Meetings:


-Chapters will provide minutes and finance report of each meeting to the National ADAA. These records will be remain on file.

-The ADAA will hold a semi-annual Chapter meeting (in-person, VTC, telecom) to update Chapters on the latest association initiatives, receive updates on Chapters’ activities and share ideas on how to improve the association.


7. Reports:


-Chapters will submit a written annual report at the end of each FY summarizing their activities and financial status (funds received and disbursed).

-Chapters will provide any audit reports, etc.



Thank you for your interest in connecting Air Defenders across the nation. Though this may seem like a big undertaking, it is worth the work. Don't worry about doing everything right away. Organizations grow and develop. The important thing is to start. The National Air Defense Artillery Association stands ready to assist any members in starting a local chapter, and is here to answer any and all questions. First to Fire!



A private organization that supports the Air Defense Artillery Association soldiers, family members, retirees and veterans, to foster a spirit of unity and espirit de corps among members of the Branch.

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